Saturday, August 22, 2009

Maybe.... just maybe.... everything is going to be okay.

"At this moment in time I should be bawling my eyes out. I've lost almost everything.... and I'm starting to think that just maybe... everything is gonna be okay." - Me

No. Jim and I have not broken up. But I lost somebody pretty important to me. I can't really tell you about her. As weird as that sounds. She has been one of the most incredible things that has EVER happened to me. I really only knew her for 3 days... and it's funny because at 1st she kind of scared me. But then she changed my life. I don't know how - honestly. But she did, and now she's gone, but I feel like God just waved his magic wand at me and now I feel like everything is going to be ok.

I'm starting to get excited (and very nervous) about the 1st day of school and the whole year. I'm REALLY looking forward to being in varsity choir and musical theatre. And those are at the end of the day which makes me even more happy because I can get all the required classes done at the beginning of the day and then have the enjoyable ones at the end. My friend Victoria and I have also talked about starting a support group for struggling teens at our school. Maybe we could get that up and running and do something great for the community.

So that's it right now. I mean Jim and I are closer now than I think we've ever been and I think being away from each other only makes us stronger. But I can hardly wait til October when I will see him again. I'm getting ready for the school year and getting my life back on track.

God is AMAZING - if you haven't found Him yet, I suggest you do so RIGHT NOW. The clock is ticking.

Love and Blessings, HAVE FAITH!, Jeanna~*~ XOXO