Sunday, October 25, 2009


Yet again, I've done it. I attached myself to someone and then lost them. I do this all the time.... but WHY? I'm tired of being vacant. Maybe that's it? Several people came before the J's, but I can't remember them all. Then came this girl... I won't even give her a fake name because her identity would be so obvious. It's probably even obvious to most of you now.

She's the most amazing girl on this entire planet outside my family and she's the best friend anyone could ask for. She's always there. I just can't begin to describe how incredible she is. There are no words perfect enough. So how did I lose her? I told her things she was doing that she didn't realize. Or she did, but she didn't care. I'm not sure which it was... either way, it hurt.

Drugs will destroy you. And every time she does drugs, I watch her destroy herself. And she's doing these drugs because she is hurting. I KNOW she's hurting. And it hurts me to see her like this. I know it's been this way since before I met her so WHY is it that I ALWAYS want to change the people that are out of my reach? WHY?!?! Because EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME I TRY, I LOSE SOMEONE IN THE PROCESS!

Brandon Heath said in his song "Give Me Your Eyes": "Give me your arms for the broken hearted. Ones that are far beyond my reach. Give me your heart for the ones forgotten. Give me your eyes so I can see."

I've tried to see through God's eyes. And I've tried to reach out to her. No matter what, I can't figure her out and that bothers me, because most of the time I understand why people do the things they do, but with her it's nearly impossible. Yet... I won't give up. I want to be the one person that's there for her all the time that won't give up on her.

But WHY? It's just the way I feel and I can't help it. I also wanted her to know that there are people ALL AROUND HER that love her to death. LOTS of people. Some of them don't care about her, but they still love her. That's about half of them. The other half, DON'T KNOW HOW to care. I felt like I was the one person that actually both loved her AND cared.... and I still do. I know her family cares about her and I know they love her but I'm talking about outside her family.

This girl has changed my life in a matter of only about 3 weeks.... so many people can easily change my life but they never do. She did. The J's changed my life and all the people that I attach myself to... they change me. Forever. And then... they're just gone.

Do I regret meeting these people? Not for a second. Because somehow I believe that though they changed me, maybe.... just maybe I changed them too. Maybe every time she takes a hit now, she'll think of what I said. Maybe every time the J's have drama with their dad... maybe they'll remember the girl that tried so hard to pull them out of that situation. Maybe every time Slinky takes a sip of beer, that's all he will take. Maybe he will put it down and pick up his bible and pray.

People in this world are struggling. I'm not the only one and 98% of the time, I forget that. We all NEED FAITH! We all need a Savior to love us and WE HAVE HIM but we are so caught up in what we are struggling with and we are so focused on hurting that we ignore Him. We put up a wall to block Him and His love out and fail to realize that NO WALL CAN BLOCK OUT HIS LOVE FOR US. It can crack ANYTHING to make its way through to us.

So stop trying to build walls. Listen to the people who care about you AND love you.... people like that only come around once in a blue moon.

"Faith isn't faith until it's all you're holding on to."

Love and Blessings,

Sunday, September 27, 2009

We're over. Hypothesized.

You probably already know this by now, or you predicted it would happen. Jim and I broke up a week ago. It was basically a mutual decision. It was just hard being away from each other and when you're emotionally but not physically attached to someone... people can get on your last nerve. Therefore, I'm single and pretty dang happy about it.

Life this past week has been pretty good. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I don't have to text anyone 24/7, I don't feel like I have to stay up til 11 or 11:30 on the phone. I'm happy. And it's the 1st time I've been truly happy in a very long time. I haven't blogged in awhile because I honestly forgot all about the blog until, well, now. So I'm updating you guys that actually give a ... care. *Cough*

Soo.. my birthday is on Tuesday! I'm so happy! I will be 15 and I can officially get my learners' permit.... if I beg my mom enough to let me. She says that she doesn't need me to get it yet. I'm like "YOU don't NEED ME to get MY learners' permit?!?!?! WOMAN! It's MINE!" I'm gonna be the only person over the age of 80 without a license or even a permit. Parents.

So today I went to eat dinner at Edohana with my sister and brother and parents. It was super fun! We laughed so hard at some things, we were crying. People around us probably think that the insane asylum had just released us. But we're just cool like that.

On Saturday my friends Ben and Marla are going to the mall with me to eat at Rainforest Cafe' and play mini golf. I was originally gonna go with the J's... but .... it just didn't work out. So yeah. But I'm really excited.

I better get to sleep. I'm starting a brand new week of school (which is going GREAT btw!).
Love and TONS of Blessings,

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I hate myself.

I hate myself for doing this to him. I told him I didn't think he loved me. That if he really cared about me, at all, he would fight to be with me. While I still believe that, I should not have said it to him, and there's nothing really he can do.

I got so lonely. I haven't been hanging out with my friends lately, except once over the past like 5 months. And my mom hasn't been getting home til sometimes 9:30 P.M. and I just NEED somebody. I have God, but I need somebody immortal to just be there for me. I have the J's but they're 300 miles away and it just hurts. I'm so incredibly lonely. I just feel like I can't take it anymore.

I hate sitting in my room by myself when I get home until I go to sleep. I hate going to school and seeing people I talk to, but don't hang out with on the weekends, or talk that much with, knowing that when I get home, all the people disappear. I'm left with myself, and only myself. And that just plain hurts.

I hurt him. He told me he looked in the mirror and saw nothing. He compared himself to a broken egg shell. That is how I made him feel about himself when he is so much more than that. He's the one I want to see every night when I fall asleep, and every morning when I wake up. And I hurt him.... because of my hurt. I hurt him out of my own pain and HOW SELFISH IS THAT?!?!?!?!

I hate myself for doing this to him. I will never, ever forgiv myself.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I don't mean to complain so much.

I don't mean to complain... but right now I'm feeling pretty darn lonely.

I've made friends at school, but none of them are like my all time best friends. My best friends are 300 miles away. And that sickens me. I just feel really depressed. I don't really have anybody to talk to or hang out with, my mom is working LONG hours now, and my dad and I.... we're far apart. I miss my mom. I know I sound like a little kid when I say that but I do. I miss my mom SO much. This is the 2nd night in a row she hasn't eaten dinner with us. Last week, I went a whole 42 hours without seeing her. Now it's been close to 24. It's hard waking up in the mornings and she's already gone. I don't like living this way. At all. I need her now more than ever, and she's not here. And like I said, I don't have BEST friends at school to talk to. Jim, Spaniel, and Joey are my best friends.... and it feels like we are on seperate planets.

I miss Jim a lot too. Especially now. It gets harder and harder every day but it also gets easier to fake a smile every day. Except for today was very aggravating and depressing and .... bad. It was just terrible. And I hate it. I hate this. I hate being lonely. I hate missing people. I hate... hurting.

I want the J's back. NOW.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Free time

Free time is very limited right now. Tomorrow is Friday. Thank God! I keep thinking that after this week, no more school. Boy, do I need to change my mind about that. I'm really liking this year. Some of my classes are going to bore me tears but that's ok. The teachers are nice and I am pretty sure I can make new friends in all my classes so I'm trying. :) Haha. There's this kid in my 5th period who said he's going to be Michael Jackson for halloween and I started laughing so hard I almoost fell out of my chair. Freshman are so funny. I kinda miss being a freshman. I miss last year a LOT. That's what I know for sure.

I'm IN LOVE with musical theater. I know automatically that is absolutely my fave class. Varsity choir is fun... but I feel so... misplaced. Haha. I don't feel like I should be in there. There are so many talented people and we are learning this new song "Homage", and everyone can sing it right off the bat while I'm like "Wait.... how does this? Oh. Wait, no. WHAT???!" So... that's choir. Haha. But I love the sound that we have as a group.

So I HAD to blog today because it marks the 7 month anniverssary of the day my brother and I met the J's and the 1 month anniverssary of the day we said goodbye. It's so weird. It feels like it's AT LEAST been 3 months since I last saw the J's. I miss them so much. I thought it would get a lot easier once school started... but I'm still coming home all depressed after school. Like now, it's just like... I feel so alone. I mean I have friends at school.... but they are not my best friends.... and they definitely aren't the J's and I don't automatically get home and text or call them because I'm not close to them. What's weird is... I don't want to be close to them. I just want to have many acquaintences. But then what happens when tragedy hits? What is going to happen next time I lose someone? Am I going to be left alone? Yes. I mean I have God, but sometimes you just need an immortal. It's really hard. I DO feel alone. I know God has a plan... but it's HARD to figure everything out. :( I don't know what to do. Yet again, I'm lost.


Love and Blessings, Jeanna~*~ XOXO

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Maybe.... just maybe.... everything is going to be okay.

"At this moment in time I should be bawling my eyes out. I've lost almost everything.... and I'm starting to think that just maybe... everything is gonna be okay." - Me

No. Jim and I have not broken up. But I lost somebody pretty important to me. I can't really tell you about her. As weird as that sounds. She has been one of the most incredible things that has EVER happened to me. I really only knew her for 3 days... and it's funny because at 1st she kind of scared me. But then she changed my life. I don't know how - honestly. But she did, and now she's gone, but I feel like God just waved his magic wand at me and now I feel like everything is going to be ok.

I'm starting to get excited (and very nervous) about the 1st day of school and the whole year. I'm REALLY looking forward to being in varsity choir and musical theatre. And those are at the end of the day which makes me even more happy because I can get all the required classes done at the beginning of the day and then have the enjoyable ones at the end. My friend Victoria and I have also talked about starting a support group for struggling teens at our school. Maybe we could get that up and running and do something great for the community.

So that's it right now. I mean Jim and I are closer now than I think we've ever been and I think being away from each other only makes us stronger. But I can hardly wait til October when I will see him again. I'm getting ready for the school year and getting my life back on track.

God is AMAZING - if you haven't found Him yet, I suggest you do so RIGHT NOW. The clock is ticking.

Love and Blessings, HAVE FAITH!, Jeanna~*~ XOXO

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lost and Broken.....

I'm still trusting God through this. I have to. But today is one of the worst days I've had in a long time. Yesterday was Jim and my 1st aniverssary. I think the main thing is that all day yesterday I tried to convince myself that I was happy. I smiled. I didn't cry. I told myself I was happy. Today... all that I held in yesterday is coming out. I told myself I would clean the floor of my room today before I blogged. Guess how well that turned out. My iTunes was on shuffle and "When You're Gone" by Avril Lavigne came on. I burst into tears. I'm still crying. And that happened an hour ago.

I used to dream about hanging out with the J's. After they left, I dreamt of it almost every night. Well lastnight for the 1st time, I dreamt not about being with them, but missing them. I'm DREAMING about MISSING THEM! And their faces are hazy in my dreams. They aren't clear. I can't picture their faces clearly without looking at pictures. Even worse I can't help but beat myself up over it. It was 4 weeks ago today that we said goodbye. It has only been 4 weeks. It feels like it's been 4 years.

Jim asked me today how I was. He always asks me how I am and I always say that I'm fine but today I couldn't even do that. I told him I'm breaking. I told him I'm falling apart. But I got an "I'm sorry." and I realized it's no use in telling him because it only makes him feel bad and he can't do anything about it. So why even tell him?

I don't want to be here anymore. I'm not suicidal. I don't want to end up in hell. But I do NOT want to be here. I wish God would just take me. I don't want to go back to school. I don't want to be missing Jim or the rest of the J's like this. I don't want to lose my mom like I am. I don't want to start the year when my dad and I haven't even spent a day together like he said we would. I want to see my sister again before the year starts. I want the J's to be here. I want my brother to stop hitting me all the time and ruining my stuff. I want my room to magically be clean. I don't want to ever have to have surgery again. I want to go back to Colorado like my mom said I would be able to before the school year started. I want the J's dad to stop being an asshole. I want my best friend back. I want everything to change from the way it is right now to perfect. But I can't change what's happening. And that part hurts more than anything - I can't change it. I just NEED somebody. Because I have NEVER felt so alone. And I HATE feeling this way. I just want everything to be over because I can't stop hurting no matter how hard I try and I'm just TIRED OF HURTING! And I don't know what to do anymore. I CAN'T do anything anymore. I'm FALLING APART. And all this PAIN and SUFFERING only gets worse.

You know the saying "Things have to get worse before they can get better."? It shouldn't have to get to a point this low to get to perfect. Because all the things that I mentioned cannot possibly change. But if I had to choose one - I want the J's back in my life. Because I feel that they are so detatched. But they won't be back for good. They will never be back for good and I CANNOT get my mind around that.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


So it's 12:24 AM. Jim and I started dating a month ago today. It seems like it's been years. I mean it seems like I haven't seen him in years. How am I gonna do this for much longer? I mean of course I don't mean I'm going to break up with him and I'm not saying I want him to break up with me. I don't know what I want at this point. Take that back. Yes I do. I want to be with him. I want to be able to see him every day and give him a hug when he's down. I want to be able to tell him I love him in person. I just want to be with him. Period. Not just "with him" as in "boyfriend/girlfriend". With him. Physically. Because we text all the time and we talk on the phone and it's not the same. If he got a webcam, that wouldn't be the same either because you can't hug the webcam. I mean what am I supposed to do? Today is supposed to be a celebration, and all I cam do is be sad. I'm trying to concentrate on other things but it's hard to do. HELL! What in the world? It's 12:45! I can go to sleep! What am I doing?

I'm going to bed! Goodnight all. :) Will blog tomorrow! Thank God for night time!

Friday, August 14, 2009

I almost lost....

the one thing that's important to me today. It's all I have left. And it was almost gone. For some reason, I feel like for the next couple of weeks, it will not be the same. And that's scary and it hurts. I'm just gonna try and make the most of what I have left. If it's not enough, then I don't know what will happen. I'm not even sure I know what happened today or what's happening right now. I feel like someone just died. Nothing but this 1 thing is important to me anymore. Nothing. Not even life. Well, God is. But this one thing is something I will never ever let go of, and I refuse to live without it. That's life right now. It's scary, and hurtful, and the farthest I've ever been from OK. But if anything, I have faith. I know God will work things out for the better. I'm leaving it in His hands, and trusting Him with it. As hard as that is to do, I'm going to. I have to. There's nothing else to do but wait and worry.

Yet I still blame myself for what happened today.

At this moment...

my entire world is crashing down. I don't know what is going to happen. All I can ask for is not sympathy, but prayer. If I lose this, my life is officially over.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good grief.

I feel like it's been forever since I posted when I really only skipped one day.
So is anyone tired of reading about my "pain" and "sorrow". If so, click the 'X' button in the top right hand corner, because this is only getting worse.

So 3 days ago, I lost my best friend. I got her back, then lost her again yesterday. This time it was hardly my fault and this time she walked out all on her own. I'm sure she will not be back this time.

Has anyone ever said anything to you that was so hurtful, you felt like you had just been stabbed in the heart with a knife? That is happening to me a lot lately. If someone even implies that I'm fat, it hurts. I've heard it all before. I'm fat, I have a big forehead, I have a big nose, I'm a whale, etc. But it never hurt me so much until now. People are starting to beat a dead horse. I'm already down and it's like I don't need any criticism or judgement. If anything right now I need encouragement, but this cruel world hardly gives any of that now a days.

I have been telling myself "I can't let it offend me. I can't be pushed around like this. I won't let it happen." but I do.

Especially when the worst of it is now coming from my former best friend. I never thought she would say such things as she is saying now and it is non stop pain over and over and over.

I feel like I'm left with nobody. My brother is too young to understand any of this, my mom is wrapped up in her job. My dad and I don't really speak at all. I mean I can talk to the J's on the phone about it or text them about it. But they aren't here.

They're not here. And they won't ever be again but for maybe a couple of days to visit, then they'll be back in OK. That's hard. Knowing they won't be here this weekend, or the next, or the next. I feel like I've said this a million times. Like it's becoming deja vu.

I miss them. So much. I just felt complete when they were here. Now they aren't. I feel like a magnetic force has been broken. Like they were one magnet, Daniel and I were another, and those magnets that are always supposed to be together aren't there anymore. There's so much space between them.

The people that I've been closest to are always the ones that are taken away as soon as possible. I wouldn't be surprised if my mom or my brother died next week or even tomorrow. Who else can I possibly lose? Last time I said that, I got jinxed but this time.... it's different.

I died and came back to life. Only when I died, I didn't go where I expected to. There was a place filled with fire. There were screams of rage and hatred and fear from every direction. Bodies were burning everywhere I looked. I thought it was just a replay of the holocaust before I met Satan face to face. He's a creature, a deciever.... this slimy, rotten beast. Then I woke up. My nightmare was over. But it's not. I'm still living in it.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Lesson Learned:

Do NOT let a friend you've had for years walk out the door over one little thing. It will ruin your life more than you ever thought it could.

So... today I was on the phone with Jim, Spaniel, and Joe. Jim started saying really random stuff and I jokingly said "Are you drunk?" and he finds a window of opportunity to start convincing me that he really is drunk. He started laughing really randomly and belching a lot and saying "Hi" like a million times. Then I asked him to hand the phone to his brother Spaniel and before Spaniel started talking, I heard Jim whisper something to him which is when I was like "This is totally a prank." Spaniel then starts acting drunk on the phone. When I asked Spaniel what they were doing he replied "Rockin' out." and I was sooo not convinced they were drunk. It was quite funny actually. I then dragged my brother into my room and made him talk to Jim on the phone and told him I thought they were pranking me. He talked to Jim for awhile and was laughing hysterically at the entire thing. I decided then to get them back. When Daniel handed me the phone I started yelling at Jim "I am DEAD serious... If you don't STOP right NOW!" and he burst out laughing and I couldn't help but laugh myself. But then he goes "I'm sooorry." and I acted like I was really mad at him, called him a "jerk", said "We're over." and hung up the phone. He called me back and said "What was that about?" and I told him I was kidding. An eye for an eye and a .... prank for a prank! Hahaha. Great night. We are so pathetic, it's actually quite amusing.

So that was my funny moment of the day.

My friend that I haven't seen since 7th grade texted me today. She's so awesome and I miss her so much. We texted for a pretty long time. Caught up a little bit, hopefully made plans.

When confronted with a situation that appears fragmented or impossible, step back, close your eyes, and envision perfection where you saw brokenness. Go to the inner place where there is no problem, and abide in the consciousness of well-being.

God bless! Have faith in Him!
XOXO ~*Jeanna

Oh. My. Gosh.

So you know how I said things couldn't get any worse? I was wrong. They just did. I just lost my BEST friend!


Saturday, August 08, 2009

A Message To Parents

To the parents of kids who listen to music with profanity: Do not be surprised when it comes out of your child's mouth. If it enters the ears, it enters the brain, and escapes with the voice.

The Beginning

So I'm starting something new. Lastnight I totally forgot about my blog which is a sign. So now I may not blog EVERY day, just when I have something on my mind. I will continue "gabbing" about my life experiences.

Have you ever felt like you just wanted to scream at the world? Well.... I feel that way, and sadly I've been doing it too. I feel like screaming. At everyone. Even strangers. And I have been. I've lashed out at my best friends, my family, and my boyfriend. Everyone. I shouldn't be and I KNOW that but there are things building up inside of me that I'm just dying to scream out. this hurt is still happening. Just when I think the storm has passed, it comes back around again in a full circle.

I'm hiding from myself. Everytime I look in the mirror, I'm wearing a mask. It's a bright colored mask filled with symbols of happiness. Then, when I'm alone in my room blogging, and the mask comes off, there's a face that haunts me even in my dreams. There's this face of a 14 year old girl who acts like she's okay. But I've got the x-rays on this girl and on the inside, she's torn. Her bones are broken and she's lost tons of blood. And she's hiding from herself.

I found this picture and it says so much..... I don't know why. But it does.


The J's Xbox has broken. In Clancy's words, "We've lived several years without it, but now that we've had one, it's hard to live without one." I found it interesting that she put it that way, because that's how I feel about their family. I lived my entire life without the J's until January, and now that they're gone... things are hard. There's a difference between the 2 situations, though. The J's can get a new Xbox. I can't get another "J" family. It's a bad example, but you get my point.

No one will ever mean as much to me as they did. Ever.

Now that they've been taken from me, I don't know what to do.

Thursday, August 06, 2009


Lie after lie after lie. Because EVERY SINGLE time he asks me how I am... I say that I'm fine.... and I'm NOT! I could NOT get worse.

This life is a maze, and I've hit a dead end. I miss him SO MUCH. I can't say anything or go anywhere without a lump rising in my throat and I have to swallow to push it back down. I'm just hurt. I just feel like a tower fell on top of me. I'm falling apart. "My faith has lost its' strength".

I'm just now starting to completely grab ahold of the fact that he's gone and won't be coming back to stay. It's the hardest thing I've ever had to grab ahold of. Just right now... my world is FALLING APART. My world, my heart, my whole body has shut down.

I have NEVER felt so low in my entire life.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Dear Diary,

I've kept big parts of my life a secret... until tonight. And when the truth came out in the open.... all hell broke loose.

I'm scared.

Why is this always happening?

My life is like a horror movie.

Love and Blessings, Jeanna

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


"Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night. I miss you like hell." ~Edna St. Vincent Millay

Dear Diary,

So yesterday it somehow slipped my mind that it's been a week since we said goodbye. Today made up for it. Today was hard. I cleaned my dressing room today and then was half asleep for the rest of the day. I felt like a zombie. Every once in awhile I would find myself crying and I wouldn't even actually realize it. It feels like it's been so much longer than a week.

Isn't something supposed to happen when things get to be this bad? I had 2 good days in a row - Sunday and Monday - then today.... I'm worse than I was all of last week. And I want to know how it's possible for that to happen. I guess things have to get worse before they can get better.

I hid my emotions all day. It seems like the easiest thing to do lately. It's like my entire life as of now is revolving around pain. And I want to know why this keeps happening. I lashed out at people today who totally didn't deserve it. I was just really... lost. If it hadn't been for the youtube vids, I wouldn't have even bothered to put on make up or get dressed. I know that if I put on make up, I'll just cry it all off.

I often find myself just staring at the ceiling. Everytime I look up there, I see Jim's face and I feel the slightest bit happier. But then... after a few seconds.... it fades away. It's like those pictures you stare at without blinking for 30 seconds, then you look at the ceiling or the wall and see the picture still.... only this is different. This picture that fades away is something that's actually meaningful to me. But it fades away and it's just like saying goodbye again. Only with these pictures, I can't be in his arms or lean my head on his shoulder. It's just a picture.

I'm at the point where I don't know what to do anymore. My brother is annoyed because every time he comes in my room, I'm crying and he already knows what's wrong, but he's gotten to where he doesn't care anymore. I'm just tired of hurting. Isn't everyone? I question why God loves us but then puts us through this heartache. Then I remember God went through so much more pain on that cross than we could ever possibly imagine. And I also have to remember that everything happens for a reason. But I'm tired. I'm tired of lashing out at everybody because I'm hurting. I'm tired of not being able to sleep or eat very much. I'm tired of telling people that I'm "okay" or that I'm "fine" when I'm NOT at all. But I feel like if I tell someone that I'm not ok everytime, it's going to get annoying and there's nothing anyone can do about it so what's the use? I'm breaking and I feel like I can't help it. I've tried everything. I'm lonely. Even out in the middle of crowds, I'm lonely.

Then I realized today that mine and Jim's 1 month anniverssary is on the 16th and I won't be able to see him on anniverssaries either. It just hurts. Not being able to be with him is torture. It's not just torture -IT'S HELL!

Then school starts on the 24th and I feel like I just need to see them one time before school starts - and then think how impossible that is.

I'm just torn. I'm broken and shredded and hurt.

How pathetic am I? I'm feeling sorry for myself constantly. Even though it's human nature, it's not an excuse.

I'm going to bed before I bore everyone to death.

Monday, August 03, 2009


"You never know how strong you are.... until being strong is the only choice you have left."

Dear Diary,

It's so much later than I should be blogging. I shouldn't even be on the computer this late. I got off the phone with Jim about 2 hours ago and I've been trying to go to sleep ever since but I can't. It's impossible.

Today was my mom's 1st official day at her new job as an assistant principal at an elementary school. I'm so incredibly proud of her for following her dreams and reaching them. While it's hard with her not being around 24/7, I know she's enjoying herself. And I guess that's all that really matters.

Today I woke up thinking about Jim so I texted him. He had just woken up too. "You play world of warcraft.... TOO!" I'm sorry. Random, but you'd have to be me or my brother to understand it. ANYWAYS.... I texted Jim and watched shark week on the discovery channel. It was interesting for awhile but my brother ended up changing the channel to "Miss Spider's Sunnypatch Friends" His explanation for why on earth he would watch that show was "It's bada**." Leave it to Daniel. Haha. I then went to my room and talked to my friend "Dolly" for awhile and then made a youtube video. It's on an account called "TeenzVideo" and the title of it is "Jeanna threw a hissy fit? - 'I want my purple walls!' parody". Just in case you want to check it out. ;) I'm honestly surprised at how many views it has gotten. It was so fun to portray Danny Noriega. I'm going to remake the video and make it an actual PARODY rather than a COPY.

After I made the video, I went to talk to my brother who was sitting on the couch watching TV, and my dad (home from lunch) handed me a card. I never get actual mail from anyone other than like churches I've visited so it was a nice surprise. I had gotten a card from my Aunt Peggy. It was so thoughtful of her to write me and it completely brightened my day. the card reads on the front: "What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly. - Richard Bach" and inside it says "Change is always difficult, but I want you to know that I believe in your bright tomorrows. I believe in you." and her message was "I know you're suffering through the heartbreak of great loss, and I'm thinking of you and praying for you. Love, Aunt Peggy OX OX". So if you ask me, I have the most incredible family in the world. My aunts and uncles are always supporting me as well as my cousins and siblings and parents and grandparents, etc. I'm so blessed. I was just so happy to get the card today. My Aunt Peggy is a pretty awesome person. She lost a very important member of her family on Friday - her schnauzer puppy "Trouble". I think it's a very admirable quality to think of other people when your world is crashing down. Like she did for me. When she is grieving the loss of her dog, she still took time out to send me a card. I just love that.

My Aunt Bevie also sent me some mail the other day. Have I mentioned I love Demi Lovato? Haha. She sent me an article that was in the paper about Demi that I found very interesting and a coupon for Ulta (my fave make-up store).

I pretty much spent the rest of the day in my room talking to Dolly and watching youtube videos and stuff. Tomorrow I'm gonna clean my room some more and hopefully by the weekend it will be spotless. I'm taking it day by day and tomorrow I have a TON of laundry to do as well as going through boxes and cleaning off the dresser and nightstand and my desk. I also have to dust and vacuum and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

So tomorrow, please save my life and call me while I'm cleaning my room. Haha.

Jim and I texted pretty much all day. I texted Spaniel for part of the day. Then at like 9:30 Jim goes "I'll probably go to bed in a few minutes." and we got off the phone at 11:45. Haha. We talked about Need for Speed (the video game) and cars and stuff. He asked me what my dream car was and honeslty... I had no idea. I mean I LOVE the volkswagen beetles but I mean how dorky is that? Doesn't like every teen girl drive a "slug bug"? Idk. I'm so out of the car talk. The only friend I have that has a vehicle of any kind (that I know what it's called) is my friend Spencer and she drives a truck. And my friend Jayme who drives a blue car that I don't know the name of. So... I'm lost. Haha. He also told me about some guy inventing a test in 10,000 B.C. with the colors blue, orange, green, and gold. It tells you what color you are based on your personality. It sounded pretty cool. We pretty much talked about random stuff and then when we were off the phone, I tried going to sleep. Now 2 and a half hours later, I'm on the computer blogging about it.

So... I guess I'll go to bed.

Btw, today was a good day. OMG! My 1st good day since forever ago! I can't believe it was a week ago that I said "goodbye" to the J's. WOW. I can't believe it. I had a good day today.

There. I said it. Are you happy now, Molly? I've officially proven myself NOT emo! :) ILY!


Sunday, August 02, 2009


It's seriously August? SERIOUSLY?!?! It can't be August. Time has flown by. I can't believe it's been a week since I said goodbye to the J's. I hate this. I am so torn. And school starts soon! I can't even THINK about school! It's crazy! It CANNOT be AUGUST already! It makes me sad.

Lately without the J's, I've seriously been reading Jeffree Star's twitter updates!!!! HOW SAD IS THAT?!?! If any of MY friends were doing that I would scream at them for it. Maybe. Idk. I'm so confused. I'm literally losing my mind. LITERALLY! I feel like the 87 year old cat lady that you always hear about but never see. I've been saying really weird thinggs lately like instead of saying "Michael Jackson" I said "Michael Johnson". And I said "I lost my mom" rather than "I lost my guitar pick". Random stuff.... and I feel like a freak.

And now I'm breaking down as I write this. "World of Chances" by Demi Lovato just came on itunes. For some odd reason, it reminds me of Jim.

I've cried SO much this week that now I just laugh at random times because why? I have no idea. It's just sad. I am so lost. Why do people leave? Whether it's moving or death or even leaving and coming back, PEOPLE ALWAYS LEAVE! And I know there are people who have lost so much more than I, but it doesn't change the fact that it hurts! I've lost so many people and I hate sitting here feeling sorry for myself in front of the entire world, but I feel like that's all I can do. I went outside and sat in the driveway for a little while and just got so depressed I had to come inside. Nothing is right. I cleaned my room up a little bit thinking "If I keep myself busy, I'll forget about it." And it didn't help at all. I tried playing guitar, but ended up playing "Wrapped In Your Arms" so that didn't help. I listened to David Archuleta and Demi Lovato but they both have songs that remind me of Jim. In fact half of their albums remind me of him. I tried watching TV, again... I couldn't stop thinking about it. It's bugging the crap out of me.... so here I am focusing on it rather than trying to avoid it because nothing will work trying to avoid it.

It's as if I'm walking around with a fish slapping me in the face every 3 seconds.... like I'm living that way. See? I'm losing my mind. That was totally irrelevant. Haha... fish. Idk. I'm lost and confused and I'm trying to make mysef laugh but I can't! I don't know how to live! Honestly, I CANNOT FUNCTION AT ALL ANYMORE! And I feel like I shouldn't even be here. My life as far as I know is gone because without the J's, without my best friend, I'm worth nothing. At least not to myself. And I cannot stop crying.

I had been wearing my pajamas for who knows how long and I FINALLY changed clothes today. Didn't help. At all. Nothing helps. I fake happiness some of the time because I'm just like "I'll convince myself that I'm actually happy"... but I'm not and in doing that not only am I lying to everyone around me, but I'm lying to myself.

Is love really supposed to hurt? I thought it was supposed to feel great. I guess the love part does, but it's missing someone that tears you apart. But you get hurt in the process of loving. I learn to love the people in the places I live, then we move and I lose them. I love certain people and then they die. I love certain people and they move. I love certain people and they turn on me. It's being victimized that hurts. And it hurts more than anything.

And I can't even fool myself into thinking I'm happy.... because I'm not. And I think I've made that very clear. I've never been unhappier.

And it absolutely, completely, truly, honestly, thoroughly, totally, ultimately, altogether... sucks.


Saturday, August 01, 2009


He makes my heart soar.

I woke up to my granddaddy making waffles and bacon and scrambled eggs. It was a wonderful way to wake up. Haha. So my family and I sat around the table and talked for awhile as I texted Jim and Spaniel. We left my granddad's I guess around 12? On the way home, my mom and I listened to Kate Voegele, Paramore, David Archuleta, and a few other people I think. I texted Jim and Spaniel pretty much the whole time I was in the car. When I got home, I updated my blog and then Jim texted me. Things hit the J's pretty hard today. Since their identities are protected, I'm going to talk about they're going through. I think in one of the last few blogs I said "their dad is crazy". The truth is... their dad is more than crazy... he's a freak. He just decided to create chaos today and it hurt me to see them go through that. Their family (minus their dad) is absolutely incredible. As I have said many times before. I've been terrified of their dad ever since maybe our 2nd phone conversation. It's hard to explain, and I don't really want to go into detail but he's not a nice guy and he's attempted to tear a family apart and all he's done is separated himself from that family. I will not ever count him as part of their family unless he miraculously changes. It breaks my heart to see the guy I've fallen for, fall apart and try to hide it. He's so much better than that. And his brothers are torn and lost and confused and their mom.... their incredible, strong, loving, beautiful mom is torn. In her own words she really is "torn". She doesn't deserve that. She's put up with so much and she really has NO IDEA how amazing she is. I just wish they weren't in the situation they are in. They don't deserve to be in this situation. Their dad has taken away their childhood, their friends, their self esteem, everything. I never thought I would see anything so horrific. It's worse than watching movies about the holocaust. It's tragic. And it shouldn't be this way.

After all that trauma had taken a detour, I found out that my best friend that lives here (pretty much the only person I have left) is moving to San Diego. She's been my sister for a LONG time and it's so incredibly heart breaking (as if I didn't already have enough to deal with). then I found out one of my good friends from forever ago died in a car accident. That hit me kinda hard but I hadn't talked to him in forever.

I'm just broken right now. I have been broken all week. I've had trouble sleeping, eating, thinking correctly. It's insane. I've never wanted to leave this world as much as I have this week. I mean I know there are people in this world suffering from so much worse, but I'm letting God handle that. Ya know? I'm losing everyone.

I talked to Jim for maybe 45 minutes today. It was cute - he called me to check on me. I felt important. Haha. He is totally the sweetest guy ever. He cares unlike a lot of people and it means so much to me. I just hate seeing him hurt like this. He has taken on the father role for his brothers because his dad isn't a dad. His dad is like.... a burden. As horrible as that sounds, it's kinda the truth. None of them want him there, a couple of them want him dead. Jim is falling apart. I can see it. He doesn't know I can see through him like a window, but I can. And it's hard. :(

I just felt so helpless today. I wanted to be there to hug them and say "everything's gonna be ok". But I wasn't. All I could think about was how I wanted them out of that mess. I broke down because of how helpless I felt. I wanted to be there more than anything to give their dad a piece of my mind because believe me, if I had been there, he would've gotten it.

I'm scared that the emotional abuse he has thrust upon his family will soon turn into physical abuse, and if that happens, I don't know what I can do. I'm trying to be there for them, but it's hard with them not being here. Sometimes all you really need when you're broken is an arm around you. With them not here physically, I can't do that for them. And it hurts. It hurts SO bad.

Their dad has really done it this time.
Now, not only has he taken things from them, he's taken one of the biggest pieces of my life away from me. My love, my family, my best friends. That's one of the biggest pieces to this puzzle, and now it's missing. And I'm looking for it harder than I've ever looked for anything. But this piece is hidden REALLY well. And that's what makes me so miserable.

The puzzle doesn't just represent my life, but it also represents my heart. And without that puzzle piece, my heart is broken. And that puzzle piece won't be back. Only maybe 1/3 of that puzzle piece... and that won't be for another 4 or 5 years.

Therefore... my life is broken. My heart is broken. My soul is broken. And I sound like an emo girl writing poetry about black roses in a cemetery so I'm gonna go before I depress everyone.


7/31/09 - Yesterday

So I will write about yesterday now, and then do another post when THIS day is over. But right now I will blog about yesterday.

Yesterday was hard. We had some unexpected things hit and it wasn't easy to deal with.
We left for my granddad's house around 1 P.M. yesterday and ended up staying the night at his house. When I got there I played guitar in the back bedroom and printed guitar tabs off of the computer. I went back and forth between the office and the back room forever. I watched TV for awhile, and then the storm came and knocked out the satellite so I texted Spaniel and Jim and then read some more love letters between my grandmother and granddaddy. I found this one from before they were married:

Tuesday Night
November 14, 1939

"Dearest Max,
I'm sure it won't be possible for me to say what I want to say to you on the phone tomorrow night. And if I wait until tomorrow to write you, you'll not have your answer on Wednesday. Besides, I'll probably be deep in the pages of gov't. 10 on that "night before the morning after".
You already know that to me our love is of primary importance. It is true that there are things in both our lives which are, and must be for some time to come, important.
Especially in my life, I realize that there are things which might prohibit me from belonging to you alone, if I so willed it. I do NOT want you to feel, as you are inclined to do, that in giving up these things, I am making a sacrifice. To the contrary, nothing could give to me greater joy, than to invest my life in loving you alone
And in a sense, it IS an investment - - a very sound one. For I gain the only thing on earth that really matters to me....... your love and confidence. And if I may be assured of these, I ask no more. I know the circumstances which prevent our being together often - - as you do. But you have led me to count on you for consideration, love, kindness, understanding, and devotion, - - and I shall always do so. I shall do my best to be worthy of these, and return them in full measure. Yes I DO want to be yours alone. This is my own decision, and I believe sincerely that I am doing the right thing. I shall rely on your strength and guidance, for I need you so.
We cannot go wrong, Max. - - My Bible says "Love is strong as death. Love never faileth." And I love you more than life itself. -
Bet (Betty)"

I found that and thought it was the sweetest thing ever written. It's so weird how she wrote that 70 years ago but I feel that way today. About Jim. I mean I'm 14 and not even thinking about marriage yet but those are my thoughts and I feel like she left something here for me to lean on. It makes me miss her so much more. She was such an incredible person. She cared about everyone in sight, she was beautiful, she was strong, she was amazing. I can't even describe it. She is the person that I look at and say "I want to be just like her." I believe from what I can remember, she lived her life fully for Christ even in the darkest moments when she was stuck in a wheelchair, we would sing hymns and she would sing along.

Love is so.... difficult. I mean don't get me wrong. It's the best feeling in the world, but sometimes things come along with it like the feeling of missing someone..... and it hurts SO bad. Jim is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and to have him ripped out from under me (no pun intended), was the hardest thing... IS the hardest thing that has ever happened. The surgery I had last year was definitely difficult, but this is so different. This is the feeling of wanting something to last forever when it's clear that it won't. The surgery was wanting something to end, and it did. And I'll go back into it, and come out again, but I won't live with it for the rest of my life. This is something that I will live without for a long time and until then it's going to be hard. I have to accept that.

After reading that letter, I called Spaniel and talked to the J's for awhile. I love the phone. And I love talking on it more than I love texting because you hear someone's voice rather than imagining it. After my conversation with them, I got on facebook and then went to bed. It took me forever to go to sleep because I couldn't stop thinking. I've lost so many people lately and it hurts so bad. I just.... don't want to lose anyone because of death. Even though the J's aren't here, I still talk to them. To lose them completely.... would be unbearable.

So that was my day yesterday. Will blog about today later......


Thursday, July 30, 2009


Dear Diary,

Today was so incredibly sad. I honestly think it was the worst day I've had all week. This whole thing is such a roller coaster. When I woke up, I immediately cried my eyes out for about 30 minutes. That's only how my day STARTED. I waited for my face to clear up from all the red splotches, then went into the living room and was told to get ready to leave. Great.... so now I got a chance to break down in public. We went to a place to eat called "Los Molcajetes". It was pretty good. From there, we went to PetSmart to get a fish, but ended up not getting one until my mom and Daniel went in Petco and I stayed in the car. As soon as they left the car, "God Blessed The Broken Road" started playing on the car radio. I broke down. Sunday night keeps replaying over and over and over again in my head. Being in his arms is the best feeling ever. I just feel safe when he's holding me and I wish I could spend the rest of my life there. He has no idea how much I miss him. I mean I can tell him I'm "torn". I can tell him "my heart is breaking". But he doesn't understand unless he feels the same way. After my mom and Daniel got back to the car with the fish, we went to Marble Slab Creamery. That's when I found out "Ice cream is a comfort food." isn't true. It was depressing sitting there eating coffee ice cream with gummi bears (yes.... my tastebuds are wired very differently than yours). The day I met the J's, I came inside and ate coffee ice cream and spent the rest of the night thinking about how amazing Jim was. I knew from that moment that my life would be changed because of that family. I just knew it. God sent me a sign that pointed to them.... great. Now I'm going down the lyrics of "God Blessed The Broken Road". Jeanna, would u please do yourself a favor and shut up? Ugh. David Archuleta's album that is self titled (his only album?) is the soundtrack to my life right now. Especially these little snippets of songs:

"My Hands"
If everything'd stop
I'd listen for your heart
To lead me right to you, yeah
I tried every way I can

But it's harder to hold on to your hands than the hands of time
I need a hand, girl, I'm trying to hold on
Losing strength in these hands of mine
I need you here
I'm trying to hold on
Standing here, open hands and I
Know I can't do this alone
Hold on, oh hold on
Baby hold on (to my hands)
Hold on to my hands (don't let go of my hands)
Don't let go

I don't think this is working
Squeezing so hard my hands are hurting
Ought to let go in the first place
And I put the phone on the front lawn
Everything that shows time is gone
I'm outside in this cold
Still looking for you

I must admit it, I'm tired
But I'm coming to you
Don't know how far I've got
But I don't care, I'm not gonna

Stop runnin'
'Cause without you
I've got nothin'
I know you're somewhere runnin' straight to me
Don't stop runnin'
Don't stop

Keep on runnin'
Don't stop
Keep on runnin'...

Legs keep
Giving out
Breaking down
I'm falling
Head keeps telling me, this can't be worth all of this
Holding on to my heart, feel the rush
I'm ready to run forever
I'm holding it together
'Cause I'm coming to you
I don't know how far I've got but I don't care
I'm not gonna stop

"You Can"
Baby, when you look at me
Tell me what do you see
Are these the eyes of someone you could love?
'Cause everything that brought me here
Well, now it all seems so clear
Baby, you're the one that I've been dreaming of
If anyone can make me fall in love, you can

Save me from myself, you can
And it's you and no one else
If I could wish upon tomorrow tonight would never end
If you asked me I would follow
But for now I'll just pretend
'Cause if anyone can make me fall in love

Only you can take me sailing in your deepest eyes
Bring me to my knees and make me cry
And no one's ever done this
Everything was just a lie and I know, yes, I know

This is where it all begins
So tell me it will never end
I can't fool myself, it's you and no one else

If I could wish upon tomorrow tonight would never end
If you asked me I would follow
But for now I'll just pretend
'Cause if anyone can make me fall in love, you can

"Touch My Hand"

Can’t let the music stop
Can’t let this feeling end
Cause if I do it’ll all be over, I’ll never see you again
Can’t let the music stop
Until I touch your hand
Cause if I do it’ll all be over, I’ll never get the chance again

So you can see how those lyrics kind of apply to my life at the moment. When we got home from Marble Slab, I cried. I haven't worn make up since maybe Sunday night. It's no use. I know I'll cry it all off. This is SO hard. We eventually had to leave for guitar lessons and I faked happiness the whole time. I love my dad, but breaking down in front of him is just awkward. So there's this song that reminds me of Jim called "Wrapped In Your Arms" by Fireflight. After I heard it, I wrote my own song with the same title just about being in his arms. so today I held back tears as I worked on "Wrapped In your Arms" with my guitar teacher. Then we went to eat dinner and on the way home, I was texting him and I said "I'm sorry I didn't kiss you on Sunday night. I just didn't know if that's what you wanted." And he replied "That's ok. I was nervous anyway." And I said "Really? Y?". He replied "Idk. U r amazing." If I hadn't cried enough today, that did it. I completely broke down in the back of the truck while "My Hands" was playing on my ipod, my dad was in the front seat, and my brother was beside me. I tried hiding my face thinking that would help... it didn't. I just broke down. I just wanted to run to Oklahoma... like the song "Running". I wanted to run and meet him halfway and then stay in his arms forever. I HATE myself for ever letting go. He sees the best in me when my hair is a mess, I'm wearing boys' basketball shirts, and the same shirt I was wearing the day before. No one else could possibly do that. It's funny how my mom says that "being in love wears off" and it "becomes commitment". Because I don't see this stage ever wearing off. That's what is so hard. People tell me I'm amazing sometimes, but when he said it, it was different. It meant something. The smallest things like that mean so much to me.
Whenever he texts me a smiley face, I smile... even if it's a fake smile. It's still a smile.
No one else has EVER made me this happy.
With all this missing him, I don't know how much longer I'll last in this world. I don't mean suicide, I just mean the stress is going to kill me. Maybe literally.
If I can't be in his arms, I want to die.
Every time I try to think of something else to get my mind off of it, something reminds me of him... then it brings me back to tears.
This is such a roller coaster and more than anything I want his family and himself to just move here. Knowing that will never happen, is SO INCREDIBLY UNBEARABLY HARD.
They had planned on moving here, now they're not and worst part is.... it's not Clancy, Joey, Jim, or Spaniel's fault. They can't control it. Or can they? One of them can. And they won't.
Ugh. This is so hard. Soo soo so so hard. And I can't stop saying it.
I'm rambling now. My point is I miss him. More than he could ever know. He's my love, my inspiration, my everything, and he will never know how much he means to me or how much I love him.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Dear Blog/Diary/Readers/Journal,
Whatever I'm gonna call this. How about diary? It's just easier.

Hi. Lol. Sooo.... this was my day. I woke up at like 9:30 already dressed. I got up threw my shoes on, brushed my hair and teeth and left for my granddaddy's house. While I was there we ate brisket and cheese puffs. Haha. My brother and I watched a few videos on youtube by a girl that graduated from the high school I go to. Her username is "DANGITPEPE". She's really funny and she seems really sweet. While I was sitting on the couch, I looked to my right and on the table were a few love letters between my grandmother (who passed away in December) and my granddaddy during World War II. The last paragraph on one of them said the following:

"I've written 2 other letters tonight and it's about time for 'lights out'. Remember I love you and our punkins, and I'll go to sleep thinking of you tonight as usual.

Love Always,

As soon as I read that I broke down. I miss "Jim" so much. Of course I didn't want my granddaddy to see me crying so I had to go to the back room with my aunt. She talked with me for a little bit which helped a lot. It helps me to vent. Even if I've told many different people the same story every time, it still helps. I don't exactly know why. But reading the letter just made me really sad because I just miss him. We said "goodbye" almost 72 hours ago, and it feels like we said it a month ago. Everything is so different. I feel like the "J's" are going to come down here this weekend as usual, and grabbing a hold of the fact that they're not, is hard and almost impossible yet it still breaks my heart.

I've never been in love before. I mean, with some of the other guys, I thought I had. But then I feel what I feel now and realize that what I had with those other guys was not love at all. This feeling is so much stronger.

I came home and played guitar and ate grilled cheese, took a shower, talked to my friend Molly for a loooong time, and now.... I'm blogging about everything. Today has been exhausting and hard and lonely. And everyone I've talked to that has given me advice has said that it doesn't get better for a very long time. And all I can think about right now is how much I want it to be a very long time from now. Because I know that as soon as I start to get over it just a smidge, I'll be back in his arms again after a visit, saying goodbye.... just like I did almost 72 hours ago.... and all this pain and heartache will start all over.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Dear Readers, welcome. I'll start out by telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Jeanna. I'm just your average teenage girl. The only thing that's a little different about me is I'm a Jesus freak. I'm completely and totally in love with Him. I'm a really random person. I am a complete sucker for good music. Some of the stuff I listen to, you may not like. I have to listen to something I can either 1. relate to, or 2. rock out to. Simple as that. And whether it's Demi Lovato, David Archuleta, Fireflight, August Burns Red, or even sometimes a good Miley Cyrus song, music is my life. I love to sing and if I get the chance to go for my dreams, I probably will. I live in Texas, although I will not tell you what city. This blog is going to tell you a lot about me and my life. I'm going to get pretty personal and open up and share my feelings (just because I'm a teenage hormonal girl doesn't mean I never have a clue what I'm talking about). All the sappy stuff is going to come out through this blog. This journey will include my love story, my battle story, and my life story.

To start off I'm going to say that I've been through a lot. I'm definitely not asking for sympathy. I know I'm not the only one. I recognize that 100% of the world is struggling. Whether it's an ugly divorce, a death in the family, job loss, abuse, or even something simple like a break up with your boyfriend after maybe a week of dating, everyone is struggling with something. I'm not going to sit here and say "Why me? Everyone should feel sorry for me because I'm struggling." You will never hear me say that, I promise. This is just kind of a way for me to vent.

So to catch you up on the first 14 years.... I was born missing a bone in my left leg. My "disability" is called "fibular hemimilia". I won't go into the science of it because I know that's totally boring. This causes my left leg to be shorter than my right leg. All my life, because of this, I have had to wear a prosthesis to help me walk more evenly. It's helped a lot and I owe Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas, Texas a TON! Not money, I just mean credit. Haha. Last year, on June 11th, I had a traumatic life changing experience that some people call "surgery". I like to call it "hell". I guess when you know that you're going to a place as perfect as heaven, hell for christians is on earth. This surgery involved breaking the bone that I do have (I'm missing the femur), and seperating the pieces of the bone more and more each day by turning pins that they put through my skin, into my bone (7 of them). I was originally missing 7 inches in my left leg, and now I'm missing 5 3/4". We're on our way. I got the frame called the "ilizarov" (aka the "Russian Torture Machine") off in early October (if I remember correctly). If I want to get more length in my leg, I'll have to go through a few more surgeries. If you have ever heard of the book "90 Minutes In Heaven", the author went through the same surgery I did, except he experienced a bit more pain than I did.

Ok, so I'm trying to pick out the major things here and leave out the little things. We'll get to those later when they apply to other stories.

My dad is the superintendent of the school district here in the _____ school district. With the job that he has, we've moved around a lot in my life. I've moved from Corpus Christi to Sinton to West Columbia to San Angelo and now we're here. Moving involves so many challenges. Making new friends, getting used to new surroundings, etc. Well, when we moved here, things hit hard when we lost my Granddaddy Roy to a heart attack on August 3rd, 2006. I started a new school trying to make new friends right after my Granddad passed away which was really hard to do when I was coming to school crying every morning. I remember feeling like a child not wanting my mom to leave me.

On December 18th, 2008 we lost my Grandmother. She had had a series of strokes over the past few years. I hardly remember her before she was stuck in a wheelchair with a full time caregiver. I was stuck in a wheelchair for 4 months, but only feel a fraction of her pain. To be truthful, when she passed I was a bit relieved. I was extremely sad because I missed her (and still do) and I wanted her by my side but I also knew she was with the healer. She and I shared a middle name and a birthday. I have a few memories of when we went to a bed and breakfast to celebrate our birthday with the entire family. I remember she gave me a ring for my birthday with a sapphire (my birth stone) on it, I remember my granddaddy listening to the University of Texas anthem over and over again in his CD player as well as when he hit his head in the back of the car on the roof. My grandparents had been married almost 68 years. I can't even imagine being with someone that long and then living without them. My Granddaddy is so strong for that. I know he's lonely and struggling, but he's also surviving which is more than many of us could do.

On January 27th of this year, we had just gotten back from my mom's birthday dinner and my brother and I decided to play basketball in the driveway. I threw the ball and it bounced off the backboard, went down the street and hit my neighbors' garage door. She came outside and asked if I could meet someone. When I walked inside she called for the family. We'll call them the "J's". There's the mom "Clancy", the oldest son "Jim", the middle child "Spaniel", and the youngest son "Joey". Of course these are stage names since I don't want to give out information. Plus if you put the slightest bit of thought into it, you can figure out their real names. My neighbor's names are"Beth" and her husband "Spike". Anyways... Clancy, Jim, Spaniel, and Joey have become my 2nd family in only 6 months. I feel like I've known them my entire life. They came down every weekend so that Clancy could play the organ at church. They used to stay at my neighbor's house but because of some misunderstanding, they didn't stay there anymore after late March.

The day I met the J's was one of the most important days of my life. The aftermath of my surgery was depressing. I suffered from depression and anxiety and they took that away when they entered the picture. I found a place in them that I felt I belonged, that God had put us together for a reason, but yesterday (since it is now 12:30 AM) at approximately 7 AM, we parted ways.

The day I met the J's, the 1st person I met out of their family was Jim. He's the same age as me but maybe a little over a month younger than I am. When I 1st saw him, I do believe I experienced love at first sight. I immediately felt a connection but it took a while for the same connection to return. A few weeks after I met them and became good friends with them, Jim and I were texting and I told him that I had a crush on him. He didn't say much about it until maybe a week or 2 later he said he liked me too. So when Jim and I started talking about being a couple, he said he wasn't ready and I had to accept that. He had never had a girlfriend before and I had never been in a completely serious relationship. While I had never dated anyone who wasn't a christian, I never had a faith based relationship. I was completely head over heels for Jim, but I soon realized he didn't feel the same way about me so I came up with this brilliant plan to date the 1st guy who asked me out so that I could tell Jim I had found someone else so that it would save him the trouble of saying "I don't really like you." Yes, I know. It sounds like a cheesy soap opera, and this one is actually called "Reality". The guy I decided to go out with.... let's call him "Clark". He seemed to be a really nice guy and he was cute, but truth be told, I didn't like him. I know how stupid I am. I didn't realize that I was using him at the time. But looking back on it, I can't help but feel like I got what I deserved. A few weeks after Clark and I started dating, my friend told me he had been cheating on me with (who was at the time) my best friend. I cried for 2 hours when I found out. It wasn't because I liked Clark, but because there was someone he liked more than me. So that's how I got what I deserved that time.

So Jim and I continued our friendship except some of the time when my brother, myself, and the J's would hang out, I felt like he was avoiding me and I didn't know why until Spaniel told me "He has a girlfriend". As soon as he said that I was crushed. I started thinking that I wasn't pretty or smart or anything. I thought I was worthless. Clark had cheated on me, and now the guy I truly liked had rejected me because he "wasn't ready for a girlfriend", and then... he had a girlfriend. I couldn't believe it.

Jim and his girlfriend were over after about a month and a friend of mine decided she would "do me a favor" and text him as me and tell him that I was in love with him. Let's call this friend "Dolly." The problem with Dolly was, she didn't tell me she was going to do this favor. She didn't even tell me after it had already been done. Spaniel told me.

But there was a twist. Jim had also told "me" that he was in love with me as well. When Spaniel informed me of that part I almost had a heart attack. What was I supposed to do now?

About a month and a half ago, Spaniel, Clancy, my brother "Daniel", and I were at Wendy's eating ice cream when Spaniel just out of the blue said something about "not coming to Texas anymore" and I was like "WHAT?!?!?!" I started freaking out. Clancy had become my 2nd mom, Spaniel and Joey had become my brothers, and I was still head over heels for Jim. I was thinking over and over again "They cannot leave. They just can't."

So when 2 weeks ago, I found out that Jim was in love with me as I was with him.... things fell apart. I wouldn't be able to have a relationship with him because long distance relationships have never exactly worked out with me. I was just breaking down at random times and while it was good news that he loved me, it wasn't. It meant that it would be all the more difficult to get over him. But over a couple of weeks, our bond just grew even more.

Then came yesterday. I woke up at 5:30 and they arrived at my house at 6:20 AM. We sat in my driveway (our normal hangout spot) and talked until 7. That was when we said goodbye. But let me rewind to Sunday night......

After the J's got out of church, they came to pick us up and we went to the house where they were staying (it was a member of the church's house) and we swam and cooked out. Her house was on the lake but it still had a pool. When we 1st got there we swam, and then went inside where Jim and Daniel played "Texas Hold Em" while Spaniel played guitar and Joey messed around with my camera (we had taken pictures while swimming underwater). Then we ate hamburgers for dinner along with some REALLY good homemade ice cream. While standing at the window looking out, my brother spotted something approximately 5 feet long swimming across the pool. It was a snake. "Smile" (the owner of the house) went an grabbed her husband's pellet gun and Daniel went outside, attempting to shoot it, but as soon as he pulled the trigger, the snake got away. We all walked to the dock and that's when I found out Dolly had done me another "favor". Jim asked me "Right here?" I was completely confused. A few minutes later he asks "Did Dolly text me this morning?" I thought about it and said that I didn't think so. She had. She had not only texted him but again texted him pretending to be me asking if I could kiss him and he had said "yes". So we awkwardly walked back inside and I went upstairs to talk to Spaniel who was watching "Saw 2". When I asked him what had happened, he knew every detail so when he explained it to me, I apologized to Jim. He stood in the dark room with the TV on and Spaniel sat in the chair. I walked over to Jim and put my head on his shoulder and I just felt safe. From the entire world. We went back outside for a few minutes while Daniel and Joey swam and then we drove back to my house. We sat in the driveway and shared our favorite memories with each other. We had so many. Watching movies upstairs at Beth and Spike's house, going to church together and the time that I sang the Easter vigil, going to Wal Mart to just walk around and be kids, hanging out in the driveway. There was even a time when we decided to go for a walk. I thought I was lost. They had ditched me and no one would answer their phones. Apparently, they had seen me while I called me friend who had just passed me in her car. She picked me up and drove me to my house, which had literally been less than 100 yards behind me and I was turned the opposite direction. When we pulled up, the boys were sitting on the edge of the driveway and as soon as the saw me in the back of the car they were shocked. They thought I had been kidnapped. Then my friend got out of the car and cussed them out for ditching me and now we all laugh about it. We shared a lot of memories as we sat in the driveway, then 9:30 arrived and we had to say goodbye. I hugged Joey, Spaniel, and then Jim. As Jim hugged me, I held back tears and kept myself from breaking down as he kissed me on the cheek and told me he loved me and that everything would be ok. Little did we know, for that night it would be because they came back the next morning and we had to repeat our goodbyes. I watched their tail lights fade away and as soon as they were gone, I hit the ground in tears. I wrote a song about the driveway and its' emptiness. I then went inside and asked my mom through tears if the aftermath of saying goodbye ever got easier. And while she says it does, she found my dad after she was widowed. I'm quite sure I won't find anyone else. I don't WANT to find anyone else. I'm quite convinced that Jim is the only one I'll ever love.

So as of now, my life is miserable. I'm grieving and hurting. I feel like I should call my granddaddy and ask him what to do, though I won't. Now I just wait. Until I'm 16 or 18. At 16, I can get a car and drive up to visit him in Oklahoma where he lives. At 18, I guess I could move there. Right now, I'm 14. I have no plan.

The J's dad is the one who told them they couldn't come down here anymore, and he's kind of scary. Therefore, they won't be driving down here from Oklahoma every weekend anymore.

That's the hard part.

Now I just have to get over it. As hard as it is to move on, I have to. I just don't know how.

Anyone have advice on what to do after you say goodbye to the one you love and your 2nd family? If so.... it would help a lot. This is my main issue right now. Forget the rest of my life. Forget that school starts in a month. Forget that I still have to clean my room AGAIN. Forget that I have an entire health course I have GOT to finish. Forget everything.

How do you move on after goodbye?